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Gail Shapiro

Are you putting off shopping because you just don’t know what styles and shapes work best for your body type?

Do you know what your body shape is? Let’s start at the beginning……

We all fall into one of the five main categories listed below with characteristics of each: 


Triangle or Pear:

• small to medium size frame
• narrow or sloping shoulders
• hips are wider than shoulders and bust line
• body is larger below the waist than above
• may have a small bust
• large hips and derriere
• may have full and/or short legs


Inverted Triangle:

• shoulders are wider than hips
• body is larger above the waist than below
• small hips and flat derriere
• great legs
• may have full bust
• clothes hang well from shoulders
• may have broad shoulders and short legs
• sporty or athletic physique


Rectangle or Square:

• small derriere
• legs are usually very long
• very little or no waist definition
• hips and shoulders appear balanced
• waist measures 1” to 8” smaller than the bust measurement
• very common body shape as we gain weight or mature


Oval, Round or Apple:

• fullness at midriff
• bust, waist and hips are very close measurements
• horizontal body line
• great legs
• may have short legs with broad shoulders


Hourglass: the ideal

• waist is 8” to 12” smaller than hip or bust measurement
• bust and hips are usually the same width
• proportioned body with waist definition
• legs are usually proportioned but may be shorter


Your goal is to identify your shape then learn the tips and tricks to focus on your best assets and disguise the not so great ones. Your overall appearance will be amazing.

So girls get out your measuring tapes and identify your shapes. Coming up next….. I’m going to give you some tips and tricks.

You’re on the road to “elevate your image” and “discover your WOW!”